Inane, My 1994 Rover 416SLi

Posted: 19 April 2010 by SchwarzeMitternacht in Car Life, CarTok, Inane

One of my ideas for the category “CarTok” is for us to share our experiences with our cars. Best to lead by example, then.

my rover

This is “Inane”, my 1994 Rover 416SLi. Why “Inane”? Because it’s not quite “insane”. Hahaha (You can also see my other car in the pic, my 1994 BMW 850Ci a.k.a. “Zweihänder”, which took pride of place on the original CarTok blog entry. Take note of the ‘C’. It means it is one of only 3 [apparently] in Brunei. Most of the ones you on the road are 850i models, ex-Amedeo)

All the people in Kupitok know this car very well. Some were even involved when this car had accidents. Hahahaha

I have been using this car since early 2004. It had around 136,000 kms under its wheels when I first got it. It’s current mileage is around 217,000 kms. All this while, it has been a comfortable and reliable companion, with no real problems at all, accident damage notwithstanding.

Upgrades/modifications on my car include Brembo replacement discs, KYB Excel G dampers, Falken Ziex Ze-912 tyres, and a Kenwood CD/MP3 head unit to handle my music needs. All these upgrades are ‘invisible’ though, which suits me just fine. It looks stock standard, but it performs better than when I first got it back in 2004. Everything else on this car, is very much as Rover/Honda had intended it to be. (Rover and Honda were technology partners when this car was developed in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s. This actually allows me to use Honda replacement parts on this car). So it uses a Honda D16A6 engine, with power sent to the front wheels, through a 4-speed automatic gearbox. Its official top speed is 118MPH, or 190KM/H to us metric types.

So there you go. I will put blog entries regarding my everyday experiences with regards to running this car. Hopefully it will still prove to be as reliable and as headache free as it has been all these years.


  1. Hi.. I from Malaysia. looking a Rover 416SLi passenger side mirrow which I cannot fine it here in Malaysia. Please help me & contact me via e-mail.


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